What Man Eyebrows Should Look Like & Why Male Nano Brows are Worth it in Winchester, NV!

Cosmetic treatments have been popular with women for centuries; nowadays, men are turning to skin treatments to look their very best, and one of the most popular procedures for men is male nano brows. Nano brows are popular for men who want to tame bushy, unruly eyebrows and achieve a well-groomed, neat appearance. Nano brows have increased in popularity over recent years due to their natural-looking appearance that is created using semi-permanent makeup to enhance the shape and fullness of the brow.

What Should Male Eyebrows Look Like?

The nano brow procedure uses a machine containing microneedles to add pigment to the first layer of the skin. The nano brow procedure is basically the same for both men and women, with only a few differences; men’s brows are typically thicker, and the brow has less of a natural curve than those found in women. To compensate, your Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi technician will create a straight line with a flatter arch to create a masculine square appearance instead of a rounded feminine one.

How Do I Prepare for Nano Brows?

Nano brows require two steps, your initial procedure and a follow-up session for a touch-up. Your Vegas Finest Inc By Lexi technician will help you prepare for your session with these crucial tips. Don’t tweeze or wax your eyebrows for at least a week before your treatment. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen 24 hours before treatment. Refrain from sunbathing and tanning the day before your procedure, and stop using retinol or vitamin A products four weeks before your male nano brow application.

What is the Process of Nano Brows?

Your Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi technician will begin drawing out the desired shape and selecting the color of your eyebrows, removing any excess hair and perfecting the symmetry of your brows. Once the brows are numbed using a numbing cream, your technician will use a machine containing microneedles to create natural hair-like strokes to fill in your brows. Once your session is completed, your technician will schedule a follow-up appointment in 8 weeks to perfect your brows.

How Long Does it Take to Heal from Nano Brows?

On average, it takes about four weeks for your eyebrows to heal. Some localized swelling, redness, and soreness can be expected, and your brow color will initially be darker but will begin to lighten as your brow heals. It can take three to four weeks for your male nano brows to blend in with your natural brow hairs. Post-procedure care for your male nano brow includes keeping your eyebrows dry and avoiding any strenuous activity that causes sweating for at least seven days. Avoid taking a hot bath or using a sauna for the first seven days, and avoid sunbathing, tanning beds, and cosmetic treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and light therapy for thirty days after your male nano brow procedure.

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To learn more about male nano brows and to schedule an appointment for a consultation, contact the experts at Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi today!

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