Permanent Jewelry in Henderson, NV

Okay friends, you have been asking is for it . . . permanent necklaces, bracelets, hand chains and anklets have finally landed! Grab your special someone, your bestie, Mom, daughter etc – and get ready to share the unique experience together. Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi is proud to offer a selection of 14k and 18k filled gold and sterling silver chain necklaces, bracelets and anklets that often signify a special someone, bond or event in your life, as well as several unique charm embellishments to choose from.

Why is Permanent Jewelry So Popular?

Why is permanent jewelry currently making waves as one of the most popular trends in fashion? Mainly because permanent jewelry is convenient (no having to fumble with clasps to remove at night only to have to put on again in the morning), easy to attach (simple, quick and painless), symbolic (you and a loved one can get the same piece to be linked for life) and comes with endless styling options (you can start with a single bracelet for example and continue stacking over time to create a unique look all your own).

How Does Permanent Jewelry Show Your Personality?

Permanent jewelry is an artistic form of self expression, with a bit more commitment, which in itself is a personal statement! As it has no clasp; permanent jewelry is welded closed right on the body and the only way for it to come off is if you cut it off! There is deep significance to permanent jewelry as it can be a reminder of friendship, love and relationship. It can also be something to bond over for clubs, sororities, wedding parties, groups of friends commemorating a special event, mother/daughter and sister relationships etc. And permanent jewelry isn’t just for women; it is highly popular with men as well.

Jewelry that Doesn’t Come Off

Are you ready for something you didn’t know you needed that could bring you joy to see everyday? Sure, regular jewelry can be sentimental but permanent jewelry is even more so as it’s a piece you don’t ever take off. In a way, it’s like a tattoo. You can get a matching one with your significant other, mom, sister, or get as a gift to yourself.

No More Fumbling with Jewelry Clasps

Are you tired of fumbling with jewelry clasps when you want to take off your bracelet or necklace every night and then fumbling to put them back on in the morning? Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi gives you the opportunity to purchase meaningful pieces of jewelry that you never have to take off. You and a loved one can purchase an identical piece to link you for life or you can begin with one piece and keep stacking for a truly unique look. Call Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi or come by our permanent makeup clinic and see our permanent jewelry offerings yourself today!

Permanent Jewelry & More in Henderson, NV (Just Minutes from Las Vegas, Summerlin & North LV, Nevada)

Each 14K and 18K solid gold jewelry piece we offer is tailor fitted to your specific measurements and can be customized by adding charms that tell your story and suit your style. We complete the process by bonding your permanent jewelry piece with a quick mini weld – resulting in your very own personalized permanent jewelry piece that is uniquely you. First, you’ll pick out your favorite chain and decide if you want to add a charm. Then, your selected chain will be custom fit along with a tiny link to secure the chain. Finally, we’ll fuse the link closed – so you will be “forever” linked! Come by our permanent makeup clinic and view our range of permanent jewelry today!

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