Permanent Eyeliner in Henderson, NV

When it comes to permanent makeup, many people are often blown away at the different options that are available to them. From lip blushing to eyeliner and microblading, Vegas Finest Ink BY Lexi does it all. We can help you look your best all the time with our permanent makeup services. One of our most popular permanent makeup services is permanent eyeliner. Our clients see a dramatic difference when they choose from our eyeliner choices. At Vegas Finest Ink by Lexi, it is our goal to help our clients look phenomenal without any work at all. Here is what you can expect from our permanent eyeliner services.

Permanent Eyeliner Does Not Hurt

With the help of a topical anesthetic, clients can expect little to no pain throughout the permanent eyeliner process. There is usually some mild swelling present after the eyeliner has been tattooed. Most of our clients can plan on 2-3 three days, if any, to recover after getting permanent eyeliner. Our clients at Vegas Finest Ink BY Lexi can rest easy knowing that a sterile needle is used for each client, and we follow the strictest sterilization and disinfection of all needles and tools following every client that we work on.

Permanent Eyeliners Lasts for a Long Time

One of the best parts of choosing permanent eyeliner At Vegas Finest Ink BY Lexi is the fact that you will be able to enjoy those results for up to 3 years. Permanent eyeliner lasts for 2-3 years for most people. To keep the same vibrant color, you will more than likely want to have it touched up every 18 months though. It is important that our clients remember that every person is different and so are the results that our clients see. Immediately following the needling, the color of the permanent eyeliner will be exaggerated for about 2 weeks before the color fades to its final shade. Don’t be surprised if it is darker and more severe at first.

There are Many Types of Permanent Eyeliner

At Vegas Finest Ink BY Lexi, we provide our clients with several different eyeliner shapes to choose from depending on their face and eye shape. Here are some of our options:
– Lash Liner: For those that are looking for a “less is more” approach; the top lash is lined to give them more definition. This is for people who don’t like to wear heavy makeup, but would like to have more definition on their eyes.
– Eyeliner: Some clients would like more definition around the entire eye and will choose to have both the upper and lower eyelids lined.
– Wedge Liner: This liner is chosen when clients want to give the outer lash line more fullness without adding fullness to the entire eye.
– Wing Liner: Most people choose winged eyeliner to help enhance and improve the look of their eyes. If you want the eyes to look bigger, this is the style you will want.
– Foxy Liner: Clients who struggle with semi-hooded eyes can benefit from foxy liner. This type of eyeliner works with both subtle and dramatic makeup applications.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Tattoos in Henderson, NV (Just Minutes from Las Vegas, Summerlin & North LV, Nevada)

If you are interested in permanent eyeliner, you can trust that Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi will deliver the results you’re looking for. Call us today!

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