Natural Looking Permanent Makeup is Great for Active Lifestyles

Enhance your natural features, correct minor imperfections and enjoy a more beautiful you with our permanent makeup services! If you have ever wished you didn’t have to take the time to put on makeup every morning, you’ve ever wished the contour of your lips was just a little fuller, or if you have thinning brows and wished their shape were a bit more dramatic, then permanent makeup might just be for you! Permanent makeup allows you to start every day with confidence knowing that your makeup always looks perfect and it will stay that way, all day! It is low-maintenance, saves you time, simplifies your life, and is a great option for anyone wanting to look and feel their best without having to devote a lot of time to doing so. Best of all, permanent makeup is affordable, lasts for years, and looks natural.

Permanent Makeup Services Offered

– Microblading
– Blade & Shade
– Hybrid Brows
– Combo Brows
– Ombre Brows
– Powder Brows
– Color Corrections
– Lash Liner
– Eyeliner
– Wedge Liner
– Wing Liner
– Foxy Liner
– Lip Blush Tattoo
– Freckles & Beauty Moles

Microblading & Powder Ombre Eyebrows

The two most popular eyebrow techniques are Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows. Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi can create a super natural effect or a dramatic makeup look based on your personal preference and lifestyle. We offer free consultations where we will discuss any questions or concerns, review shapes, and even pick out colors for your upcoming procedure!

Eyeliner & Tightline

Permanent eyeliner is a highly popular application sought by valued clients for a wide range of reasons ranging from wanting to improve the appearance of the shape of their eyes, filling in sparse lashes, battling alopecia and / or hair loss as well as those that do not want the hassle of having to apply eyeliner.

Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner and color can enhance the appearance of your lips by creating a fuller, more-defined look. If you want your lips to look more plump, youthful and colorful, permanent lip liner is an excellent option to enhance the size, shape and color of your lips in a natural looking way.

Lip Tinting & Blushing

Are you tired of spending time coloring in your lips everyday and still have to worry about lipstick on your teeth or leaving marks behind on glasses and bottles? You can save time and feel confident by enhancing the beauty of your natural lip color through our lip tinting and blushing tattoos that can enhance the natural beauty of your lip color, correct asymmetry and add definition with fullness. Bring in your favorite lipstick or a picture with you on the day of your appointment!

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