Is Microblading Good for Older Ladies in Spring Valley, NV? Benefits of Eyebrow Treatments

Regardless of age, permanent makeup (PMU) is a great way to enhance your physical appearance to make you look and feel your best. Microblading for mature skin will not only improve your brows, it also has anti-aging benefits. Your eyebrows are one of your most essential features, and if the old saying, your eyes are a window to the soul is true, then your brows are the window dressing, and a fully defined brow can lift and open up the eyes, taking 5-10 years off your actual age.

Benefits of Microblading for Mature Skin

Microblading for mature women is the perfect cosmetic treatment to give your brows volume, symmetry, and definition. As we age, our brows become thin and sparse and lose color. During menopause, some women even experience brow hair loss. Many mature women use makeup to fill in their brows. Unfortunately, our eyesight ages along with our complexion, making makeup applications more complex as we struggle to see the finer details. Microblading provides a natural look that is enticing for mature women who prefer less makeup. One of the benefits of microblading for mature women is that our skin dries as we age, and the regeneration process slows down, so the pigment used last longer, making the need for touch-ups less frequent. You can expect your microblading procedure to last 18 months or more.

Microblading Eyebrow Treatment for Older Women

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves the process of making tiny strokes that are filled with pigment to imitate natural hair. Your Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi qualified technician will use a handheld tool with a fine blade to reach the skin’s upper dermis. The microblading application is the same for mature skin with the addition of a vital step called mapping. As we age, the skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness and is less subtle, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around your brow bone will start to sag, creating an uneven surface. Mapping is the process used to outline the brows, and mapping for mature women is always applied when the client is sitting up to ensure the brows are uniform and to create a natural appearance. Mature skin becomes more fragile and thins as we age, so your Vegas Finest Ink by Lexi technician will use a lighter pressure to diminish the risk of bleeding and scarring and achieve the best possible results. Pigments can spread more on mature skin, so your Vegas Finest Ink by Lexi licensed technician will use a thin blade to space the strokes appropriately to compensate for blurring and bleeding out. Warm, lighter shades are more natural than cooler, darker shades for mature skin.

What are the Stages of Microblading Healing for Older Ladies

Our internal systems slow down as we age, and cuts and abrasions heal slowly. Older women can expect the microblading healing process to take about six weeks to recover fully. Your Vegas Finest Ink by Lexi technician will book your follow-up appointment approximately eight weeks after your initial application. Since the scabbing takes longer to heal on mature skin, you will need to be patient, as the pigments used will not become completely apparent until several weeks after the initial application.

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To learn more about microblading for mature women and schedule an appointment, contact the Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi experts today.

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