What is Lip Neutralization? How Long Does it Last? Is it Worth It & More in Desert Shores, NV

You may have heard about lip blushing which is done to enhance the natural beauty of someone’s lips by adding pigment to improve the shape of the lip. However, lip blushing might not be for everybody. In fact, if you have darker or hyper pigmented lips, you might be looking for lip neutralization first. If you have never heard of this service, you wouldn’t be alone. Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi is here to answer questions that people might have about lip neutralization as they determine whether or not it is a service that they would benefit from.

How Lip Neutralization Works

If you are someone that has cool or dark tones lips, you might be someone that could benefit from lip neutralization. This is a service that is done to help those that have darker toned lips due to hyper pigmentation, weather conditions, or other underlying medial issues. The process includes injecting pigment into the lips to help enhance the shape, natural color and symmetry of the lips. Those that decide to have this service done can enjoy natural looking results. Lip neutralization shouldn’t be confused with lip fillers which primarily add volume to lips. This adds pigment to compliment volume with definition and color.

What the Lip Neutralization Process Looks Like

It is important that whenever you are interested in any lip neutralization, that you are turning to professionals that have been training and certified in lip neutralization. It usually takes 2-4 sessions to complete lip neutralization. Here is what you can expect:
– Consultation: It is vital to not skip the consultation portion of lip neutralization. This is a chance for both the practitioner and the client to discuss what the client hopes to achieve and whether or not that will be possible. It is also a good time to go over the process and what to expect.
– First Session: When it’s time for the first session, the client can expect to get pigment injected into the lips to help correct the cool tones. If the client has blue toned lips, an orange based pigment will be used. If the client has purple tones, a yellow based pigment will be used.
– Second & Third Sessions: Usually, more than one session is required to get the results that a client is looking for in lip neutralization. Generally speaking, the appointment sessions are spaced around six weeks apart. This can be adjusted depending on the needs of the client and their specific circumstances.
– Lip Blushing: After the lip neutralization is complete and the lips have been made a few shades lighter, the client can then move on to lip blushing if they are interested in it. During this portion of the process, a client can choose the color that they would like to inject into the lip area to get the fuller, pinker looking lip that they’re wanting.

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If you are in need of lip neutralization, you can turn to Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi to help you get the pout that you’re looking for. Call us today!

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