What is Color Correction for Microblading? Fix Premature Fading, Unnatural Look & More

When you decide to take the plunge and get semi permanent makeup, it can be life changing. But what about those times when your semi permanent makeup doesn’t go as planned? Unfortunately, this happens at times. There are several reasons why you might find that you need color correction after you have had your eyebrows microbladed. Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi is here to talk about why a person might need to have color correction done after getting microblading done.

Reasons You May Need Microblading Color Correction

There is definitely more than one reason that you might find you need color correction after having your microblading done. Some of these problems might be caused by the person who did your microblading and others could be caused by your own volition.
– You Didn’t Follow After Care Instructions: There will always be specific instructions given to you after you have microblading done. If you don’t follow those aftercare instructions, you might find that you run into issues like premature fading, patchy coloring, and other issues.
– Unnatural Look: Sometimes, when you have microblading done, you might be unhappy with the results if they do not look natural. The entire point of having microblading done is that you have naturally fuller eyebrows without the need of makeup. This might mean a color correction is in order.
– Premature Fading: There are several reasons that you might experience premature fading with your microblading. Whether you were swimming in too much chlorinated water or didn’t follow the aftercare instructions that were given to you, you might need a color correction if you notice that they have faded too fast.
– Drastic Changes in Color: Unfortunately, there are times where your eyebrows might start to change drastically in color. Some people have reported that their eyebrows have turned orange, green, or even blue. Luckily, this can be corrected with color correction.
– Infection: The last thing that anybody wants to experience after getting microblading done is an infection. An infection can lead to serious issues and even surgery. If you notice any redness, swelling, or are experiencing extreme pain, you need to contact a doctor right away to make sure there is no infection present.
– You Are No Longer Happy with the Color: If you are no longer happy with the color, it might take more than just a touch up to get the color that you are looking for. You might find that you are in need of a color correction rather than just a touch up in these cases.

Permanent Makeup Correction in Henderson, NV (Just Minutes from Las Vegas, Summerlin & North LV, Nevada)

If you aren’t happy with your microblading service you can turn to Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi to correct your color so that you are nothing short of satisfied with the way that your eyebrows look. There is no one you can trust more. Call us today!

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