What Do I Need to Know Before Lip Blushing in Whitney Ranch, NV? Can it Plump Thin Lips?

If you are like many women, you may choose not to wear lipstick because it doesn’t stay where you put it. That, or it starts to come off soon after you apply it. Some people don’t like the way the lipstick feels on their lips. For all of these women, there is an answer to your problem; lip blushing. This form of permanent makeup makes it so that you don’t have to worry about applying and reapplying lip stick throughout the day. In fact, you can wake up looking as beautiful as ever when you have lip blushing done. Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi is here to talk about lip blushing and what you can expect from this service.

Can Lip Blushing Help Plump Thin Lips?

Permanent makeup has been around for decades, but lip blushing is a little different than traditional lip tattoos and cosmetic fillers. This is a procedure where pigment is used to naturally enhance the natural color of your lips by a shade or two. This gives your lips a natural enhancement that is beautiful. Pigment is used rather than traditional tattoo ink. Traditional ink leaves a fake look to the lips while pigment will quietly enhance them. It is applied to the upper layer of skin so it is considered a semi-permanent lip enhancement. You can count on lip blushing to last anywhere between 12-18 months before it needs to be touched up again. While lip blushing can’t add any real volume to plump thin lips, it can make your natural lips look more defined, especially around the Cupid’s bow, which will give you the illusion of more depth and fullness.

Numbing Cream for Lip Blushing

If you have had other semi-permanent makeup done like Microblading, you can count on lip blushing to be a little more tender as the skin on your lips is more tender than your forehead. There is usually some numbing cream that is used during the process so that you don’t feel much of what is going on. You should count on some tenderness during application though.

How Many Days Does it Take for Lip Blush to Heal?

You should count on healing to take 2-3 weeks when you have had lip blushing services. Many people choose to have the procedure done on a Thursday so it has the weekend to begin the healing process. You should expect your lips to have some scabbing and flaking in the first few days. As your lips start to heal, your final results will start to be seen. The pigment might look a little off throughout the healing process and will be restored once healing is complete.

You Will Love Lip Blushing Results

The biggest thing you need to know about lip blushing is that you are going to love the results. You will love that you don’t have to spend as much time each day applying your lip color. You will have that beautiful glow no matter what activities you are engaging in.

Lip Blushing in Henderson, NV (Just Minutes from Las Vegas, Summerlin & North LV, Nevada)

If you are interested in lip blushing, you can turn to Vegas Finest Ink By Lexi to ensure it is done with precision. We will help enhance your natural beauty with our lip blushing services. Call us today!

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